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W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH

Establish successful business relationships with Eastern European workers
Take on orders from first-class German clients

W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH

W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH pursues the goal of having skilled workers and subcontractors from Eastern Europe carry out long-term assignments for credit-checked German clients, at fair conditions and with transparent contracts -

to everyone's satisfaction!

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Business relationship with clear contracts

For a project to run to everyone's satisfaction, clear regulations are needed: about the contractual relationship, communication and the flow of money.

Needs analysis

Customer advisors from W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH agree on key data with the German client, such as the start date of the assignment, the duration or the subcontractor's requirements. On this basis, W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH and the client conclude a placement order. The placement order precisely specifies the profile of the contractor sought.

Contract for work

A contract for work and services is required for cooperation between German clients and Eastern European contractors. The contract for work and services recommended by us was developed by a renowned specialist lawyer for construction law and optimised from the contracting experience of recent years - fair and transparent for both sides. A sample contract for work is freely available in the download area .

One of the reasons why W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH can motivate suitable contractors to fill the contract in record time is that all project documents, such as the work contract, are already signed by the client during the tendering phase.

Why is this so? The aim of W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH is to offer serious projects and thus save all parties involved unnecessary effort - both in terms of time and organisation. Because, as we all know, time is money!


The project offered by the client is advertised by W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH under "available projects" - to existing partners and to new interested parties from other European countries. Once the right contractor has been found, W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH sends him the work contract drawn up by the German client. The contractor countersigns the contract and sends it back to W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH, which in turn forwards it to the German client. Both parties have already been able to take note of the agreement in advance. Contact is established and the contract for work thus becomes valid.

Activity record

At the end of each week, the client and contractor jointly review the work performed up to that point and record the correctness of the work performed in an acceptance report . The invoice is drawn up on this basis. Should there be any discrepancies afterwards, both parties have a legally secure basis for finding an agreement.


Important for everyone: The customer advisors of W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH are aware that they have a duty of care towards both parties.

In order to fulfil this duty, they only conclude contracts with clients and managing directors whose creditworthiness has been checked! If the verifiable creditworthiness of the client is not sufficient, a security deposit covering the risk of default for the first two weeks is agreed with the client.

The condition for new Eastern European partners is: In order to build up a reliable partnership, a security deposit is also agreed in advance of the first project and is held in trust by W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH. This creates the binding nature that the acceptance of the order is also to be understood as such.

Business relationship with clear communication

Talk past each other? Not with W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH! Since around 80% of our contractors come from our neighbouring country Poland, communication takes place via two channels: the German W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH and the Polish W&W Personaleinsatz sp.z.o.o.. Because exact communication is also a matter of mentality, our Polish sister company answers all the Polish contractors' questions and helps with preparations such as obtaining documents.

Targeted communication

W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH communicates with the German client and the Eastern European contractor - before, during and after the assignment.

The big advantages: The clients can staff their construction projects with several subcontractors. 1 call - 10 concerns clarified!

The contractors can carry out projects for different clients, but have only one contact person. As an experienced project scheduler, W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH understands the needs of both parties and works for them in a targeted manner.

Modern communication channels

Communication between W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH and W&W Personaleinsatz sp.z o.o. runs digitally via tried-and-tested software. The advantages: All information is forwarded. Nothing is forgotten. Everything is traceable!

Business relationship with clearly regulated cash flow

Issuing invoices, writing reminders, monitoring payment flows - W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH takes care of all this. A specially created trust account facilitates the monitoring of incoming payments. Thanks to the clear regulations, everything is legally under control.
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About finance

From organisation to documentation:

W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH together with the Polish W&W Personaleinsatz sp.z.o.o. supports you with the following activities and thus ensures a smooth process for you:

W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH

Before starting

  • Suitability check of German clients and Eastern European contractors
  • Advice on cooperation between the two parties
  • Support in the collection of the necessary documents
  • Support in the search for accommodation

While operating

  • Assistance with project and financial matters
  • Verification of the activity records
  • Assumption of invoicing and support until receipt of payment under power of attorney of the contractor

When the job is done

  • Organisation of follow-up projects and teams
  • Retention of all available documents
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