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Please provide your email address so that we can link you as an agent to your contractor on the system side.

If you want us to pay you the commission, please indicate the amount of your commission. In the tender, after the registration, your and our commission will be displayed in one sum. If you settle your commission directly with the contractor, please enter "0".

Please provide the following information of your contractor that is relevant to the contract. This will be the data we will insert into the work contract already signed by the client:

Please enter the login information that your contractor or you will need to log in with to apply to the projects:

Information about the further procedure

After you have confirmed the entry, you as an intermediary will receive an email with the access data to our site. You can forward this to your contractor so that he can view the projects himself and apply for them. If you do not want your contractor to have access and you want to apply for the projects yourself on behalf of the contractor, do not forward the e-mail you receive. In both cases, the contracts created for the respective project will only be sent to you as an intermediary. You must then forward them to your contractor, have them sign them and return them to us. All communication will be conducted through you. If you do not wish this, please let us know afterwards.

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