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Top skilled workers from Poland and Eastern Europe with reputable German trade and industrial companies. To ensure that this works out in the best possible way, W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH provides documents on this page that we suggest for a smooth cooperation. Should you decide to use our documents, which have been drawn up by a specialist lawyer and further developed over the years, we will provide you with the project-related documents in PDF format in the event of an order - fair and transparent for both parties.

Contract for work

A contract for work and services is required for cooperation between German clients and Eastern European contractors. The contract for work and services recommended by us was developed by a renowned specialist lawyer for construction law and optimised on the basis of contract experience gained in recent years.

Proof of activity

We recommend that you use our documents so that nothing stands in the way of a smooth and quick settlement. You will find all the necessary details in this document.

Money-receiving power of attorney

The signing of the power of attorney for the receipt of money is the starting signal for the cooperation. This power of attorney regulates the authority of W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH

Summary of the accounting cooperation

Transparency is very important to us. The sole purpose of this information sheet is to summarise and explain in detail all procedures, as well as all services provided by W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH.

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Instruction registration polish


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