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Are you a self-employed craftsman or fitter? Do you have a craft business and are looking for jobs in Germany? Then W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH is the right company for you! We bring together what fits together: Subcontractors with clients. Or more precisely: top skilled workers from Eastern Europe with reputable German craft and industrial companies. At W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH you will find attractive contracts throughout Germany - long-term and risk-free. With fair hourly rates and transparent contracts. With options for extension and follow-up projects. Even if you are only looking for a bridging project: Contact us! We bring together what fits together - and take care of all the details. Guaranteed.
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Profit as a subcontractor from:
long-term and plannable workload,
reliable payment for all working hours,
the high number of working hours you can perform and
from working exclusively with clients whose creditworthiness has been checked.
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Take advantage of the many benefits of a reputable staffing and project dispatcher.
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In which industry do you work and what do you bring to the table? Calculate the current hourly rates on this basis!
Find out immediately what your earning potential is and thus find the jobs that suit you best!

These are the advantages

W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH is an experienced project dispatcher. We want you to find and process well-paid contracts in Germany with renowned trade and industrial companies.

Simply and securely. And at fair conditions at all times!

Transparent contracts

Drawn up by W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH and further developed by lawyers. 100% satisfaction from all partners.

Our contracts are legally secure and have been reviewed by specialist lawyers. Clear regulations and one hundred percent transparency ensure trustworthy cooperation and the satisfaction of all partners/participants.

Competent organization

Our trained team clarifies all questions in advance. So you will not experience any unpleasant surprises on the construction site! A smooth process is our top priority.

Credit-checked clients

We only offer you cooperation with credit-checked clients who have been classified as creditworthy by a well-known credit agency.

Your project - your schedule

Whether tomorrow or in a few weeks: You choose the start date of your desired project and we will coordinate it with your client.

Long-term business relationships

Our clients are interested in long-term business relationships.

W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH will gladly take over the organisation of follow-up projects for you in order to ensure long-term and plannable capacity utilisation.


You agree the holiday interval directly with the client. Usually three to four weeks of work at a stretch, followed by a short recovery period in your home country.

Working hours

Do you prefer to work long hours and on Saturdays? Our clients always have enough to do for you.


Of course, suitable accommodation must also be organised. This can either be found by yourself or with the support of W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH. Often, suitable accommodation is already available for you free of charge on site.

Protection against takeover

Our clearly regulated contracts provide for a strict non-competition clause.
This means that the fitters you employ cannot be poached at any time.

W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH
Your reliable support

We have steadily developed W&W after many years of accompanying workers from Eastern Europe. Thanks to our mature concept:

you work in Germany without any worries,
earn better and
are fully insured.

We understand your needs! We are your point of contact in all matters - from finding the right contractor to questions before, during and after work on the construction site. You can use us as a subcontractor for many projects. The big advantage: you only have to deal with one contact person, W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH!


Then find jobs in Germany now! Let W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH, your reliable project planner, give you serious advice and support.
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